About: Transparent Maker


My name is Aldvin Gomes, and I’m the founder of Transparent Maker.

I’m an Entrepreneur with a passion for blogging and professional graphic design skills, providing quality background removal services for over 7 years of freelancing. I’ve started this blog to provide world-class removal of backgrounds from images.

transparent background maker

Transparent Maker is a fairly new blog established in 2021 to provide quality services to content creators, such as removing image backgrounds and color changes. I realized that there was a lot of demand for background removal, especially for creators who are not good with photo softwares or editing.

The blog is launched with an idea and opportunity to simplify life for those who create digital content that involves some tedious work like background editing. This was a challenge that I had to face for my projects just a decade ago.

I’ve spent hours working with software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to edit images and remove background until I met its perfection. That’s time-consuming, and not all are willing to learn such complex software to create a simple, transparent background image.

💡 So I came up with a solution called Transparent Maker. Just find your preferred transparent images and download them for free!

Transparent Maker is where professional content creators can search for existing high-quality transparent background images without having to create their own. The task of background removal is already executed for individuals and businesses to help them boost content production, productivity, and profits!

Our team Is dedicated to:

  • Focusing on creating the best transparent background images.
  • Helping content creators with their online business.
  • Providing professional, hassle-free service.

About Founder: Aldvin Gomes

aldvin gomes

I struggled hard to find the right path in life. Ten years ago, this was me, with a quest for finding financial freedom. I used the lessons from this book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ to help me find a better path. I then quit my job and started my own blog aldvingomes.com in 2018.

I’m a minimalist and like to enjoy the simple life workflow. I happen to be a family guy; I love hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and producing electronic music.

I like to be very creative, and I’ve always found ways to make decent money through freelance opportunities – although I still prefer avoiding jobs. I don’t particularly appreciate working for people, and I have worked for 7 years and 6 months so far.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked for an American web hosting company (along with freelancing work as a side hustle), working with clients to build websites for their businesses. I mostly talked to clients about what they’re doing with their website and how they’re making money. Over time, I learned that it is feasible to make a living by creating sites.

When I’d reached a particular phase of life, I used to be hooked on self-help books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, 4-Hours Workweek & $100 Startup. And quit my job when I had secured enough savings to start my own first website business.

What can you learn from my journey? Don’t be afraid to start your own. All that it takes is time and dedication, and I’m living proof that it works! You can start your blog and achieve the many freedoms of Time, Location, and Passive Income. Just take the first step and get started today!

The money I make from my blog goes back to financing my blog and making investments. I don’t particularly appreciate spending money on liabilities I know will lose value over time.

If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Aldvin Gomes