21 Free Star Clipart Transparent Background Images

Download the best star clipart transparent background images in PNG format for free! Have you ever used star cliparts on your posters, flyers, invoices, dinner menus, brochures, advertisements, or other marketing materials?

The simple star shape has been used to represent many things, from flags to grades to shakers. Learning when and where to use this versatile iconic image in your design projects is something that every designer should take the time to do!

There are tons of articles out there that try to help you find the perfect transparent star, sea star, shooting star, or another type of star clipart for your project. But what if you don’t have a suitable collection? That’s where this list comes in handy!

So if you’re looking for some star clipart images to decorate your holiday card, ornament packaging, or particleboard? Please scroll down to see our fantastic selection of graphics sorted into sets that will match your needs.

1. Star Clipart Transparent Background

star clipart transparent background

2. Christmas Star Clipart Transparent Background

christmas star clipart transparent background

3. Shooting Star Clipart Round Transparent Background

shooting star clipart round transparent background

4. Pink Star Clipart Transparent Background

pink star clipart transparent background

5. Red Star Clipart Transparent Background

red star clipart transparent background

6. Bright Star Transparent Background Clipart

bright star transparent background clipart

7. Star Dust Clipart Png Transparent Background

star dust clipart png transparent background

8. Star String Lights Clipart Transparent Background

star string lights clipart transparent background

9. Well Done Star Clipart Png Transparent Background

well done star clipart png transparent background

10. Gold Blue Star Of David Clipart Transparent Background

gold blue star of david clipart transparent background

11. Sea Star Clipart With Transparent Background

sea star clipart with transparent background

12. Yellow Star Clipart Transparent Background

yellow star clipart transparent background

13. Texas Star Transparent Background Clipart

texas star transparent background clipart

14. Clker Gold Spiral Star Clipart Transparent Background

clker gold spiral star clipart transparent background

15. Shining Star Clipart With Transparent Background

shining star clipart with transparent background

16. Eastern Star Clipart With Transparent Background

eastern star clipart transparent background

17. Handdrawn Star Clipart With Transparent Background

handdrawn star clipart transparent background

18. Gold Star Clipart With Transparent Background

gold star clipart transparent background

19. Gold Star Balloons Transparent Background Clipart

gold star balloons transparent background clipart

21. Star Wreath Clipart Transparent Background

star wreath clipart transparent background


On this website, you will find 21 well-selected transparent star cliparts in different colors and forms – precisely what you’ve been searching for when you want to create a design overlay.

The most significant advantage of these transparent star cliparts is that they sum up a whole collection of different types of stars, making it easy to incorporate them into various projects.

So, if finding the right star graphic cliparts overwhelms you, this list will be an excellent resource for those of us who love leveraging visuals to help express our point! I hope you find these cliparts as applicable as we do!

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